Casual Friday: Bike Style

cafe racer style


  • The jeans. They’re dark and slim without being constrictingly tight. There’s no visible embellishment on the back pockets or anywhere else (that I can see).
  • The boots. They look like classic Red Wings. Riding a bike myself I can attest to the worth of investing in a good pair of boots. Knowing your feet are protected from rocks and other things that can fly up at them, while still not sacrificing the ability to feel the clutch all while looking good make it worth the extra money to buy some solid boots.
  • The vest. Puffer vests have been increasing in popularity over the last three or four years. They’re a classic item that has been worn in a lot of different eras by a lot of different men (Marty McFly anyone?). They’re a good way to keep your body warm without over heating during the oddly transitional phase between early and late fall.
  • The shirt. You can see by the sleeves that this shirt fits him well. The shoulder seems are hidden beneath the vest, which means they’re on his shoulder – where they should be. The sleeves are also that perfect balance of fit where they are neither painted-on tight nor pillowcase lose.
  • The beard. I’m glad these are becoming more and more acceptable in “polite” society, not that this guy looks like he cares too much about polite society. A beard is a glaringly obvious visual distinction that separates men from boys and women. I’ve worn one for years and feel childish without it. If you haven’t given it a shot, fall and winter are the perfect time to do so. The added insulation is a help instead of a hindrance in the cooler months.
  • The bike and the girl. Not much to say here. It’s a freaking Norton and she’s a lot of fun to look at.


  • Nothing this week

Don’t like:

  • No helmet. I know it’s a photo shoot but a helmet is worth wearing when you’re actually on the road. Helmet hair sucks but having a comb in your pack and taking an extra five minutes to fix your hair is worth not dying over.
  • The water bottle holder on the rear shock. Weird addition, ruins the clean lines of the rest of the bike.

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