Casual Friday: I’m on a yacht


What I like:

  • This is about as simple as an outfit gets. Pants, a shirt, shoes, a belt, and shades.
  • Perfect example of how a polo should fit. The sleeves end just above his biceps, the body of the shirt hugs his torso without constricting it and doesn’t hang past his shoulders, and the length bunches just a bit at his hips which means it’s neither too short nor too long.
  • Whether or not you like the exposed ankle/rolled pants thing, this is where it originated. It’s entirely appropriate on a boat.
  • The pants are slim and fitted without being extra skinny. It makes it look more casual and like he’s capable of actually accomplishing some work on the boat instead of just looking good.
  • The irony of wearing sneakers instead of boat shoes on a boat. No idea how practical this is, but I appreciate the humor of it.
  • The ease and price with which this outfit can be created. If you wanted to go the super-cheap route, you could buy a polo like this at Target for $10, the white chinos at H&M for $25, grey kicks like this for another $25, imitation Ray Bans almost anywhere for $15,and the belt at Old Navy for $10 – totaling $$95. And all of these items can be worn with multiple pieces of clothing.

What I don’t like:

  • Nothing this week. This is a solid, no-frills outfit.