Casual Friday: Marooned


  • The color balance –  Loud pants need a muted shirt to avoid looking clownish. Balance here is perfect.
  • The seasonal transition – Maroon is an Autumn color but the rest of his outfit is still very summer appropriate. One of the most difficult things about transition from Summer to Fall is the tendency to put on clothes that are too warm too quickly.
  • The belt –  That’s a perfect walnut color.
  • The fit of the pants – These are neither too skinny nor too baggy. They look like he can still move in them but they follow the shape of his body.


  • He has three different shades of brown between the belt, the watch, and his shoes. If they were all the same it would be too uniform for a casual look but three might be pushing it. Two would have been better.
  • The small collar – It comes across as more casual and dresses his shirt down, but it’s too small for his neck.

Don’t Like:

  • The rise – Pay attention to the visual proportions on this guy. Because he wears his pants so low and his shirt is tucked in, it makes it look like his torso is too long for his legs. This is balanced out a bit by having the pants rolled but it still looks sloppy overall.
  • The sleeve roll – Sleeves should be rolled past your elbows.
  • The button – The beach is arguably the best place to undo even a third button so the fact that he only has one undone makes this look more stuffy than it needs to.

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