Casual Friday: Too Deep


  •  The hat – Fit’s him well and the color is good with his complexion
  • The watch – it’s simple and the fact that it’s metal makes it more of a dress watch. Wearing it with this gives him a hint of High/Low
  • The facial hair – I’m not opposed to the mustache/goatee combo but this looks like it’s too-well manicured.


  • The cardigan – color is good and the fact that it doesn’t have a collar or belt makes it a good casual layer. However, it looks like it might be too long
  • His chest – if it’s naturally clean, he’s fine. If he shaves it, it’s time to abandon the androgynous metrosexual and embrace his chest hair.
  • The coat – looks like a bomber – which is a very traditionally masculine coat and is great for casual wear. However, I can’t tell the fit details or anything because he’s carrying it instead of wearing it.

Don’t Like:

  • The V-neck – this is a perfect example of a V that is way too deep. Seriously. It’s twice as deep and open as it needs to be. A little chest is good, cleavage is not.
  • The pants – faux distressing and light colors are better left in the 90’s. The fit is good but this would look so much better with a pair of inky-blue jeans instead.

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