Casual Friday: Warm


  • The coloring. There is such a thing as a warm blue and this sweater is proof. If you have a warm complexion, you can still wear blue and should look for it in shades similar to this.
  • The shoes/socks. Great for fall because the socks are a heavy wool and the shoes are more substantial than summer slip-ons without being actual boots.
  • The pants. Perfect autumn texture and color. The fit looks spot on too.
  • The belt. Fall colors are more associated with the old tradition of country clothes. So, having a canvas belt in those same colors with club symbols on them is a subtle but direct nod to the sartorial history of this whole outfit.
  • The plaid shirt. More warm colors for a warm complexion and provide a bit of pattern contrast instead of just texture.


  • The glasses. I like the shape but the frames need to be more substantial to be consistent with the country-vibe of the rest of his outfit.
  • Random sword?

Don’t like:

  • Nothing. This is one of the better casual ensembles I’ve seen.

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