Manhattan Home Style

I’ve said before that a man’s style is only in part exemplified by his clothing. A huge aspect of it consists of the look and feel of our homes. A man’s dwelling has the same psychological and social impact on his life as his wardrobe. If we live in...

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Mid-Century Meets DIY

All in one cool looking package. I could see a couple of these and a bench in the backyard around the right grill. Then again… these don’t look all that comfortable. PS. I am now selling ad space on the site. If you are interesting, please get in touch via...

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Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia

This looks crazy and fascinating. It even comes in more than one volume. Keep it on your coffee table. And not that you would use it too often, but being able to break down the origin and history of the tattoos belonging to the guy across the restaurant would be a...

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Dueling Pistols

These would make a great display. Not sure if I like the heads but everything else looks awesome. PS. Did you know I do private style consultations? I can help you dress better according to your budget and your needs....

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1588 World Map

I love old maps.   They look like they were drawn by the actual men who charted those territories. It’s too bad there is no need for cartographers as there’s something romantic about leaving the familiar behind to conquer the unknown. PS....

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