A Man’s Kitchen

While assumption has always been that the kitchen is the realm of women, there are few things as masculine as preparing food that you’ve provided. I have an uncle who practically wouldn’t allow his wife to cook because he took so much pride in his culinary...

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Embrace Your Boyishness

There should be nothing childish about the way a man dresses. The same goes with the car he drives or the office in which he works. These are all the realms of serious business and should be taken seriously. But when a man comes home, he should be able to embrace an...

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Paradox Axe

Some things are just simple and beautiful. This is one of them. There is not a single practical use for this in your home. Even the hipster axes that are hand painted and cost $500 are still functional. But this beauty is just there to look at. I would love to hang...

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Red Solo Cup Upgrade

Check out these pint-size metal cups. Obviously a bit pricier than the Solo option, but no one really likes the frat-boy aesthetic anyway. These things will take a...

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Extinguish in Style

One of the defining characteristics that separates men from boys is the acceptance and embrace of responsibility. For some this means marriage and children. For others it means traveling the world and being beholden to no one but yourself. Unless you live in a hole or...

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