Caual Friday: Docked



  • The colors. Autumn is a month better suited to warm colors. These golden pants are a perfect example.
  • The texture. The rougher weave of wool on his sweater is a good way to get some High/Low in with your outerwear game. Most guys feel too dressed up in a sweater as opposed to a hoody but throwing one on that’s a thicker, rougher weave makes it more casual and more masculine.
  • The fit. Not too baggy, not emo skinny. Everything fits him well.
  • The beard. Fall and winter are great for wearing a beard. Even if you keep one year round, now is the time to let it get a little longer.


  • The boots. I can’t tell much about them from this photo. However, I do know this is a catalog photo from H&M’s fall collection so I’m assuming they are H&M boots. I’ve heard the quality of their footwear is not the best.

Don’t Like:

  • The ponytail. A man can pull one of these off when his hair is adequately long. However, this bob-looking thing is awful.
  • The hood. It completely ruins the whole look of this shot. If it were a tall collar or even a turtleneck this outfit would be near perfect. The hood, especially with the drawstrings, turns this into a weird, casual tweak on something that should have been left classic. 

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