Indochino Summer Suiting

With Memorial Day behind us, we have entered the unofficial beginning of summer. For the die-hard traditionalists, this means those white pants, seersucker suits, and linen shirts that have been languishing in storage since Labor Day are finally permissible in public again. For the rest of us, it just means it’s time to start having some more fun with our clothing.

Summer can be one of the more difficult seasons in which a man can dress well. While we do live in an air-conditioned world, the heat can still make it a bit tricky to dial in a style that maximizes on both form and function. Not only does a man’s clothing’s practicality come into play, summer is also a time in which more people dress more brazenly. Colors get louder, patterns get bolder, layers become fewer, etc. Knowing how to embrace both the aesthetic and practical aspects of summer style takes some getting used to.

In the past, both here and on other sites, I’ve expounded on the structure of a summer suit. Rather than rehashing a point I’ve already made, today I’m simply going to recommend a good resource from which a man can dip his toes into the world of warm-weather suiting.


Indochino just released a new summer line and their products look to be right on. They nod to the garishness of patterns like seersucker and windowpanes, but keep things in check – preventing a man from looking like he’s perpetually headed to the Kentucky Derby.

A few personal favorites are the grey-on-white seersucker suit, the olive linen/wool suit, and all of their solid linen/cotton shirts. As a man who runs fairly hot, a linen shirt is one of the best things I’ve discovered to wear in the summer.


One of the biggest advantages of working with a company like Indochino is that they provide a custom fit, without the price a man expects to pay through other custom companies. While it’s worth it to invest more in a tried-and-true staple like a solid navy or grey, embracing season-specific or more aggressively styled items is much more palatable and smaller price points. Indochino offers a great fit with a wide array of customizations without wallet-killing prices.