Layering is something more men need to take advantage of. It helps you regulate temperature during transitional seasons like Spring and Autumn, and it helps round out an overall look.

Being from Utah, I always considered layering as something that only needed to be done in extremely cold circumstances: as in long johns, under a henley, under a sweatshirt, under my snowboarding jacket if I’m going up to the resort for a night session. While this is entirely appropriate (and crucial) layering, it’s also limited in its scope.

One of the best reasons to add layers is obviously for warmth. We’re still in that time of year where a lot of men are going to be too warm wearing a winter coat but too cold wearing just a shirt or a shirt and a jacket.

If warmth is what you’re looking for, throw on a sweater, a button-up shirt, down vest, or even something like a denim jacket/shirt like the one pictured above. Another thing that’s great for warmth layering is a scarf.

But layering can be more about than just warmth. Another good reason is to either add to or break up the unity of a look. Take the example of a three-piece suit. These end up looking for formal than a regular suit because the extra layer adds to the uniformity. It makes the wearer look for deliberate and serious than just a jacket and trousers do.

However, if you take that same vest from your suit and wear it with jeans and a white shirt, it’s a layer that breaks up the casual uniformity and gives you the High/Low appeal that men should strive for on a daily basis.

As the weather gets warmer you can still get away with layering a T-shirt beneath an unbuttoned shirt –  preferably either a military shirt or an Oxford of the white/cream/blue persuasion.

herringbone tie layering


And as we roll back into Autumn you can start up all over again with sweaters and cardigans. Here’s a layering look I wear constantly in the fall for work.

There really are a lot of options for layering and it is yet another way to flex your sartorial muscles.