Middle-Aged Style

I was out with my father-in-law a couple of weekends ago helping him step up his casual wardrobe. He recently retired and is excited to start this new chapter in his life. After seeing the work I did with his son he was both excited and hesitant to have me give him a hand. Excited because my BIL looks so much better, but nervous because he didn’t want me putting him in the same style.

His hesitation makes perfect sense and I’ve addressed the importance of dressing your age in the past for both older and younger men.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I was discouraged after spending three hours out with my FIL to see how many middle-aged men dress like complete crap. Yes, part of is because I’m in Salt Lake, but it’s something I’ve noticed in places like New York, Vegas, LA, and Toronto as well.

The nice thing for your middle-aged men is that it’s easy to stand out from the crowd but just making the slightest improvements to your style. When most men dress like this:

Carrell Crazy Stupid Love

You can dress like this:

Middle-Aged Casual Style

Middle-Aged Suit Style

Middle-Aged High/Low

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