Podcast Episode 11: Dressing the Armed Man

This episode discusses both the mechanics of dressing well while carrying a firearm, along with the reasons I personally choose to carry a weapon.

I understand that this is a controversial subject and one that can lead to a heated discussion in the comments. I don’t need to defend myself. I may engage in a few comments to clarify some confusion, but I have no interest in engaging in an online battle about gun control.

As part of today’s episode I brought on Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style. Antonio is a former officer of the USMC and the resident style author for the Art of Manliness. He runs a popular and helpful YouTube channel and is also one of the founders of StyleCon.

Read his article at AoM on stylish concealed carry.

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Jose Zuniga of Teaching Men Fashion.

See his video on concealed carry.


Open Carry Idiots

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