Podcast Episode 9: Dressing the Shorter Man

This episode was based on a revisitation of my September 2012 post Dressing the (Smaller)Man. Being as I’m six feet tall, I can only approach this topic from a hypothetical perspective. So I decided to bring on two of my good friends who are both style experts and on the shorter end of the spectrum.

Aaron Marino runs I Am Alpha M, a hugely popular men’s style site and YouTube channel. Aaron puts out daily videos that cover topics like dress, grooming, and fitness and has one of the largest, most abundant personalities of anyone I’ve ever met.

Brock McGoff runs The Modest Man, a menswear site dedicated entirely to helping men of shorter stature learn how to dress to their proportions and ensure that their style game is always on point. Brock puts his money where his mouth is and is one of the best dressed, most confident men I know.

In the episode we cover topics like:

  • Aaron and Brock’s Archetypes
  • How and why they both started caring about men’s style
  • The biggest challenges short guys face when trying to dress better
  • How to have the right attitude when it comes to custom clothing
  • Why being short is only one aspect of a man’s physical presentation to the rest of the world
  • Should short guys wear elevator shoes and other height-enhancing articles of clothing.


Easy for this episode. It’s both Aaron and Brock


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