Spring Transition

Within the next couple of weeks here most of us are going to be tempted to start embracing the changing season. Much like the shift of summer to fall, going from winter to spring can be particularly difficult for a lot of men. The reason for this is that both winter and summer are more extreme seasons and transferring from an extreme to something more moderate is easier than vice versa.

The advice that I gave at the end of the summer is akin to the advice for making the transition in the beginning of spring – continue to wear seasonally appropriate materials but embrace the new season’s color palette. Going into autumn that meant warm, earthy tones. For spring it means chalky colors.


Chalkies, dusties, pastels, there are myriad names for these types of colors. Just think of those that are brighter and similar to the natural colors you see around you during spring.

Because chalky colors are so intense, you need to be careful about your contrast type and how intense colors affect it. Men of a stronger contrast can get away with wearing multiple pieces in chalky colors and having them closer to their face. While men with a more muted contrast are better suited to a single statement piece and keeping them in smaller clothing items.


The other way to embrace dusty coloring with your contrast type is by focusing more on the color’s intensity than its brightness. A muted man would look better in a pastel tie that’s a more subtle version of the same color as that pictured above.

Remember that the key to making this look good in transition is to still pair all of these colors with your winter-weight materials. The pictures above look transitional because of the contrast between the spring colors and the tweed. Keep wearing your boots, your winter coat, your sweater, and your scarves, just transition things like your tie, pocket square, or socks into your spring options.

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