The Most Simple Improvement

My wife has been getting a ton of wedding invites from girls she went to high school with and, to the man, all of the guys look soft and herbly. While many are wearing decently fitting, good-looking clothes, they all still look bad.

I know I’ve addressed this before, but it can stand to be repeated. The most simple and cheapest upgrade you can make to improve your style is to show some chest.

If you’re wearing a button-up shirt, you want to avoid the effeminate look of having all your buttons done up, and the dorky look of only having the top button undone. Undo one more and let it properly frame your face.

With polos and henleys, don’t do any of the buttons. Simple.

Along with this, you’ll want to wear a V-neck or wife beater undershirt. No more crewnecks.



Look at the two pictures above. The guy in the first picture is obviously more built than the man in the second. However, he looks too buttoned up, too stiff, and too controlled. The man on the bottom looks relaxed and like he’s in his own frame.

These may seem like small and trivial things, and they are. But next time you’re out pay attention to these details on the men around you. Being willing to show some chest is more Rugged and Rakish and will help set you apart from all the other herbs who masquerade as men in your life.

Paul Fredrick. Your Fit. Your Style.