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Why I’m Not a Gentleman

The term has been so misused, so twisted over the past few decades that it’s truly lost any semblance of its original meaning – both in technical definition and the principles it used to represent. It is now a way for weak men to morally preen about their weakness and signal it as a virtue… Read more »

Why Skinny-jeaned (insert epithet of choice here) is my favorite insult

I find myself wedged between two very interesting parts of the internet. The first is the world of #menswear. It’s full of men who will devote thousands of hours and even more money to clothing and appearance. Many will get into heated arguments about differences that only affect our little world – things like the… Read more »

The Mighty Mongrel Mob: An Example of Tribal Aesthetics

Recently Vice published a photo series taken of men from the Mighty Mongrel Gang in New Zealand. Fascinating isn’t a strong enough word to describe these men. I’m going to remove all moral assessments of who these men are and what they’ve done. It’s very easy for me to sit here, on my porch in… Read more »

Defining Masculinity

Last week I got an email from graduate student at USC who is working on a thesis about masculinity in America. She asked if I would answer some questions, and I was happy to do so. I doubt my views will be popular amongst her colleagues. I know they weren’t when I was studying journalism… Read more »

Style as a Structural Attractor

One of the interesting things about writing is the opportunity to develop friendships with people with whom a man would never have contact otherwise. One of these friendships I developed years ago with a man named Athol Kay. Athol runs a great site and coaching service called Married Man Sex Life. Don’t let the ambiguity… Read more »