Casual Friday: Trucker Coat


trucker jacket


  •  The coloring. This guy has a pretty warm complexion so the colors all help keep the focus on him. The red of the sweater plays off his hair and beard to really frame his face.
  • The tie. Most of the time a tie is incredibly difficult to pull off in a casual situation. He nails it by wearing the denim jacket and the beat up chucks.
  • The shoes. A perfect example of not worrying about your sneakers getting filthy. When you wear white shoes you have to learn to embrace the imperfection that comes with them.
  • The pants. By having bolder colors in the top half of his outfit he does well to keep things more neutral below the waist. Otherwise there would be too much competition and the focus would be on the clothes, not the man wearing them.
  • The jacket. Trucker jackets can be great High/Low pieces. If he swapped out the jacket and the shoes, the rest of this could be worn in a lot of business situations. However, the jacket dresses it down so it’s appropriate for a Saturday walk with the dog.
  • The sunglasses. Clubmasters are a classic shape and these are the right size for his face. They look both timely and timeless without venturing into the trendy category that thicker frames tend to fall into.


  •  The jacket length. This is picking some serious nits, but I’d like to see it an inch longer.

Don’t Like:

  • Nothing this week. He killed it.

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