Holiday Shopping Guide

Shopping for men is difficult. It seems like the options are something unisex that won’t really appeal to a man, man-specific items that are based on stupid beer and fart humor, or anything related to a professional sports team. So this year I’m going to help you out by giving you options that will appeal to men in any budget range you have.

< $25

topman houndstooth driver cap

Topman Houndstooth Flat Cap: One of the rare items that will work with both warm and cool complexions because it has hints of grey and brown throughout,  this is a casually stylish replacement for the baseball cap most men wear.  It won’t look nearly as affected as a fedora but still give off a sense of style. $24

wurkin stiffs collar stays

Wurkin Stiffs Collar Stays: The perfect way to get that proper collar pop, these will make sure your button-up shirts are always framing your face in a flattering way. $20

Basic Consultation: I can’t do a list like this without plugging my own services. The Basic Consultation is the ideal way to know how to dress your best. I factor in all the key elements of your body type including your build, contrast, and coloring and then give you the necessary details to accentuate all your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. $15

a gentleman gets dressed up

A Gentleman Gets Dressed Up: Brooks Brothers has an entire series of hardbound books that outline classic manners and living habits. The writing can be a bit hokey but the books are still worth a read and look great on your shelf. $20

$25 – $50

dressing the man

Dressing the Man: This is the well-dressed man’s bible. Allan Flusser takes you through the history of men’s clothing, its golden age and embarrassments, and breaks down men’s style into the science it is. I’ve read through this numerous times and still pull out new information with each read. $30

buck nobleman folding knife

Buck Nobleman Folding Knife: A pocket knife is something every man should carry. While I don’t use mine daily, it does see action more days than not. The Nobleman is a simple, sleek knife that will look good regardless of the personal style of the man carrying it. It also has a small clip to keep it from falling out of your pocket when you’re sitting down or doing something more adventurous. $30

$50 – $100

Gap Lived In Slim Khaki

Gap Lived-In Slim Khaki: Go-to-hell colors may be more prominent during the spring and summer, but their darker versions have a place in your winter wardrobe as well. Pants like these are a great way to stand out when everyone else is wearing blacks and greys for three months straight. $60

#52 Ox Blood Chromexcel Dual Side Wallet (Horween)

Chester Mox Ox-Blood Dual Side Wallet: I’ve had the chance to try out a couple of these wallets and they’re incredible. The quality and feel of the leather is amazing and they get comments and compliments whenever someone sees me pull it out. A slim wallet should be a staple in your wardrobe and is worth paying more for than your current Costanza version. Chester Mox will even add a monogram of your choice for a few bucks more. $55

The Phoenix

Beacon Audio Phoenix Bluetooth Speaker: What it lacks in physical size it more than makes up for it volume. This little guy has an eight-hour battery life and is compatible with most bluetooth devices and has a range for up to 40 feet, making it ideal for the home, the office, or even a trip to the beach. $99


Ray-Ban RB2132-21 New Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray Ban New Wayfarer: Quality sunglasses are a purchase most men struggle making for themselves but really appreciate once they have – thus making them the perfect gift idea. The wayfarer is one of the only sunglass designs to retain popularity and currency in every decade since its creation. If there’s anything on this list that you could consider timeless, these would be it. $125

Suit Foundry Solid Navy Sportcoat: An up-and-comer in the online custom clothing world, Suit Foundry is offering the best prices I’ve found on the traditional navy sportcoat. It’s fully customizable which means it will fit like a glove and get worn into the ground. $195 

florsheim doon oxford
Florsheim Doon Oxford: I spent four hours at the mall with my father-in-law this weekend and didn’t see a single man with a good pair of casual shoes.  Florsheim has been around for years and has a reputation for making quality products at a palatable price. These oxfords are no exception. They’re neither too sleek nor too bulky, too trendy nor too stuffy. They will be a great pair of shoes to work with any High/Low look a man can come up with for years. $110

> $200

wolverine thousand mile boot

Wolverine Thousand Mile Boots: As oxymoronic as it sounds, these are stylish work boots. Goodyear welted with a top-quality leather means they’re built to last forever and look great at the same time. I have a pair and love them. They run a bit big so size down half a size for the ideal fit. $345

The Essential Gray Suit

Indochino Essential Grey Suit: Similar to the one I have, these suits are a great introduction into the realm of custom clothing. All too many men have no idea how good they can feel in a suit that fits and once they try on something like this they’ll be converted for life. $380

pendleton acadia blanket

Pendleton Acadia Blanket: Oregon-based Pendleton is the real deal when it comes to made in America. They’ve been around for 140 years and you get 100% pure virgin wool with all their products. Their blankets are minimal, stylish, and comfortable. $218