Making the Transition

Was working with a client this week who said this in one of his emails

Also, dressing well isn’t an easy thing to do at first, is it? It takes balls and conviction to really get what you want and say no to things that may not be the best for your fit/personality/ even budget. Building a wardrobe SHOULD take time. In the past year, with lots of help from your blog, I’ve been able to get away from the graphic Ts, ill-fitting pants/shorts/dress shirts.  

 We’ve exchanged a few emails back and forth over the months and he really is making improvements. Not only he is wearing better clothing, he’s wearing it more comfortably and it’s looking more natural on him. His whole countenance has changed and the nervous smile I saw in earlier pictures has turned into a confident smirk.

 Take your time, learn the rules, make mistakes, experiment – these are all masculine ways of approaching things and there’s no reason this shouldn’t apply to improving your wardrobe as well.

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