Positive Masculinity on TV

Positive masculinity on TV is a rare find these days. I’m entertained by shows like Modern Family, the Big Bang Theory, and the Office, but none of these has any example of a good male role model I’d want my sons to look up to. On the opposite end there are shows that...

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Stealing Ideas

It’s no surprise to most men that anything found from a top-tier designer is going to look overly effeminate or too stylized. Even if they do design the occasional piece that looks masculine, it gets snatched up by effete hipsters who ruin all traces of...

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Better than a T

While button-up shirts, vests and suits have their place, there is room in a stylish man’s wardrobe for something a bit more dressed down. Yes a well-made T-shirt can be a part of that, but there are better options out there. Here are a couple.   The polo...

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The First Step

Revamping your wardrobe is a daunting task. It takes a lot of guys a good, long time just to convince themselves it does need to be changed; and once they’re willing to do so, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all that they have to buy and how they’re going to find it....

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Heartiste pointed out…

… so many things that are wrong witht his picture. The way the guy is dressed is just as awful as everything else. No one’s going to ever take this dude...

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