Rugged, Refined, and Rakish Independence

While many of my readers are from different countries, the bulk of you are from the States. Friday we’ll be celebrating our Independence Day. And, without diving too deeply into the politics of that name and its increasingly ironic significance, I still believe it is a day worth celebrating.

So here are some tips on what to wear, regardless of the archetype in which a man finds himself.


Rugged 4th of July

The key to a Rugged style has always been function over form. Long jeans and heavy boots may not be the most comfortable in the heat of summer, but they protect a man out in the woods or on the back of a motorcycle. The patriotism in this style is more inherent in the US-made products and the uniquely American aesthetic as opposed to an overwhelming demonstration of the stars and stripes.


Refined 4th of July


If there’s ever a time for a man to embrace his inner WASP, this is it. Old money knows how to dress down while still keeping things tastefully Refined. And, just because he may not live in the Hamptons, doesn’t mean the Refined man can’t embrace the aesthetics of those who do. This style is typified by an unapologetic embrace of all things red, white, and blue. Oh, and there’s no such thing as too much Brooks Brothers.

The double monks and more aggressive fits keep this updated, but everything else in this look would have fit in on the 4th in 1959 and probably will in 2059 as well.


Rakish 4th of July

As a counter to the Refined taste, the Rake understands how to use trends to his advantage. This look is overly casual, but will still communicate intention and taste when all of the items fit as they’re supposed to. Rakes are comfortable being a bit underdressed from both a formality and modesty perspective, so keeping the shorts above the knee and going sockless is what will hold this look together.

As always, a man should dress to both who he is and to his audience. Finding the correct balance may involve incorporating two or even all three archetypes together.

Don’t know which style best suits you? Head on over to my Coaching page to learn how I can teach you your correct archetype and how to dress accordingly.