About Tanner
Have you gotten addicted to self-development?

Maybe it started by getting in better shape, or you really figured out how to make some money and get your finances in order. Maybe, after years of things being tepid and stale, you’ve saved your marriage or drastically improved your relationship with your kids.

Whatever it is, once you start down the path of becoming the best version of yourself, you won’t ever want to get off of it. You’ll find more and more ways you can be better, and you’ll discover that improving in one often ups your game in other arenas too.

That’s certainly been my experience. Dressing better led to spending some time in the gym and the lessons there helped me break from the corporate world and build my own business, along with create and lead a beautiful family with my wife and five children.

I know what average looks and feels like and I know what excellence is too. As I’ve gotten better about one thing, it just makes me hungrier to be better elsewhere. Caring about my clothes didn’t make me a better husband, father, entrepreneur, friend, or mentor but it was one key component along the way.

And it’s one factor that has led to my being able to live the kind of life I never thought possible - the kind most people don’t believe others actually get to live - and I get to experience it every day.