At Its Peak

At least I hope so. I’m a slim guy and I’ve been happy to see the bagginess of the 90’s and early 00’s be replaced with slim and fitted clothing. But, just like any other trend, skinniness has gone too far. Hopefully it’s at its peak and men won’t be tempted to buy trendily skinny things like ties and blazers. Here’s femtron Robert Pattinson in an example of everything that’s too small.

Robert Pattinson Cannes

Those lapels can’t be more than an inch thick. At least the proportions of the shirt collar, lapels, tie, and his balls all match up; but you don’t want to go that small. It’s a trend and will look bad ten years from now. If you’re skinny, wear skinnier proportions than large men, but don’t fall into the trendy trap.

P.S. Yes those are peak lapels and the pun was intentional. You’re welcome.