Why Men Should Care About Skin Care

This post is sponsored by Tiege Hanley. Go check out their stuff and use the code “Masculine5” for $5 off your first order. Skin care is one of those topics we, as men, would prefer to never even think about, let alone discuss. Even saying words like...

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Dapper & Done Giveaway

I get asked quite a bit what my grooming routine is. Maybe I’ll walk you through it all one of these days, but I believe the key to great grooming is getting the right gear. I could scrub my body with a stick and water, but it wouldn’t do the job nearly as...

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Review: Grooming Lounge

If you haven’t been following John’s excellent series on Masculine Grooming here on the site, you’re really missing out. He does a great job of breaking down the importance of having a solid grooming routine in a way that I hope has become expected...

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Hair Care Part 2: Shaving Fundamentals

So you read yesterday’s post and decided a beard isn’t for you. Great. Here’s how to get the best result when shaving. There are two distinct methods to shaving: Dry Shaving & Wet Shaving, with each of these having sub-methods that I’ll detail...

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Hair Care Part 1: To Shave or Not to Shave

As per the title, Hair Care is the subject of today’s lesson but it is such a massive area to cover, that in order for me to touch on every topic I want to within it, I’m going to break this section down into two sister articles. We’ll be covering all things facial...

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