Ideal Apparel for a Long Drive

I spent about 12 hours on the road, by myself yesterday. It was a great drive and a chance to spend some time catching up on some needed books and podcasts.

One great thing about dressing better is how quickly you learn to find clothes that are comfortable and still look intentional.

The poorly dressed believe that comfort and style are mutually exclusive, and reality is the exact opposite.

This setup isn’t overly trendy or attention getting. I certainly wouldn’t be getting any magazine spreads for it, but I wouldn’t be embarrassed if someone photographed me in it either.

It’s a win-win – and that’s what all the best style decisions should be.

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I always tell a story with my style and I want you to do the same.

Learn the how men throughout time and across all cultures have use their clothing to communicate specific, masculine virtues and tell stories that lead to more success, happiness, and fulfillment.