I’ve had a few requests to share my Every Day Carry items. You can tell a lot about a man by what he prioritizes keeping with him at all times. So here you go.


1. Cross Ball-Point Pen – I’ve found that carrying around a pen that’s a little nicer than the Bic options we all had in high school makes me more inclined to keep track of it. This isn’t some $300 beauty, but even losing a $10 pen is annoying.

2. Moleskin Graph Paper Notebook – I use this to keep track of to-do lists, my gym regimen for the week, and other assorted notes. Nothing fancy, just nice and simple.

3. Browning Pocket Knife – It should be no surprise that I carry one of these. A knife is one of my Staples. This guy is sleek and simple with just a single blade that comes in under 3″. It’s enough to accomplish most tasks without taking up too much real estate in my pocket.

4. Bersa .380 Thunder. Yes it’s only a .380, but – as the saying goes – “the weapon you carry has more stopping power than the one you leave at home”. I’ve chosen to sacrifice a bit of size for the sake of better concealability with my current style. This is still enough to keep me and my family safe (although I hope I never have to pull the trigger outside of the range).

5. Watch – Today it’s the DW that I reviewed just a few weeks back, but I always wear one.

6. White Linen Handkerchief – This was relatively useful when I was single, saw more use after I got married, and is a daily necessity now that I’m a father. I rarely need it myself, but it sees use almost daily.

7. Chester Mox Wallet – This is a new one they just sent me for review and I’m loving it (if you want to see more of their products, check out this review). Though slim and unobtrusive, it allows me to carry cards, ID’s, and some cash.

8. iPhone – A smartphone almost goes without saying – especially when my business is centered around the Internet.

9. Business Cards – I have a few for Masculine Style and some for Beckett & Robb on me at all times. I never know when I’ll make a good connection and want to quickly exchange information. It’s uncanny how much more perceived legitimacy it offers as well.

The only way I can carry all of this and not have my pants bulging in all sorts of unseemly places is by always wearing a jacket or blazer. I’ll get rid of the pen and notebook when I’m going a bit more casual.

So what do you carry?