Thursday Boots Review

Somehow I’ve turned into a boot guy over the last two years. I don’t know how or why it happened, but I’ve amassed a modest – yet respectable – collection of boots.

Most of them lean a little more on the formal side of the scale, but even my more casual variations are a bit limited in their wearability.

All are excellent quality and durable, but I didn’t own a pair that I could comfortably use in the wet winters and springs we experience here in Utah.

Hearing about my “plight” the guys over at Thursday Boots offered to send me a pair to try out.

Click here to watch the YouTube video: Thursday Boots Review

Click here to watch the YouTube video: Thursday Boots Review

The Breakdown

Thursday was started by two friends in 2014. They currently have six mainstay styles in multiple color ways and will do small runs of their top-end “black label” boots.

Knowing of my desire for something both more casual and more weather durable, we decided on a pair of the Commanders. Initially I wanted a pair in black, but due to a lack of sizing, opted for the Blarney Stone instead.

BLARHIK4_94d5017b-5269-4e9d-b921-22621d703722_largeWhen they first arrived, they looked great out of the box. As I pulled them on, I was worried that they were going to be too large. My foot measures in at an 8.5 C on the Bannock device and getting review shoes has always been a trial for me. Based on both the length and width of my feet, I have found myself going as small as 7.5 with some brands and 9 with others.

While they felt a little lose as I was pulling them on, once I got them all laced up, the fit was spot on.

They’re just big enough to wear comfortably with a pair of thick, marled socks yet still not so large that they can’t be worn with something thinner – even a pair of dress socks.

After a couple of days of wear the thing that jumped out to me the most was how soft and supple the leather was. I’ve owned quite a few pairs of shoes and boots that needed some significant time to break, but these were ready to go from day one.

I’ve put them through their paces and they don’t look as pretty as they did on day one, but I’m of the opinion that a decent pair of casual boots looks better with a little life beaten into them.

Know that a pair of boots like the Commanders can be worn as a Staple for any of the three Masculine Style Archetypes, but they will always inject an element of the Rugged Archetype.

Here are some suggestions on how to wear these based on each of the three.








These hit all the right buttons, chromexcel leather, North-American make, goodyear welting, and durable hardware.

All of these variables are standard on boots that are two and three times as much as Thursday’s, making the $249 price point even more appealing.

If you’re looking to for a solid care of casual boots (which I strongly recommend you add to your rotation) then these are excellent candidates.

Don’t know what I mean by Rugged, Refined, and Rakish? Well go check these out.

The Three Masculine Style Archetypes

Rugged Man,

Refined Man,

Rakish Man


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