Wear Your Clothes. Don’t Be Worn by Them

If you go through my archives you’ll see a lot of pictures of men wearing unique clothing that makes them stand out. Typically I operate on the assumption that this is the goal of most my readers in dressing well. Of course, even choosing to dress well without adding in loud colors or other items designed to draw the eye will make the average man stand out. It can’t be avoided in the sea of mediocrity you find yourself swimming in whenever you’re in public. However, the risk the budding sartorialist will run by choosing to dress like he stepped off the pages off Tommy Ton is that he will be worn by his clothing, instead of being the one to wear his clothes.

The ultimate goal of dressing well is to help people see you as a man. I recommend undoing two buttons on your button-up shirts because the extra skin shown and the resulting V-shape of the collar will draw the viewer’s eye upwards toward your face. Same goes for recommending peak lapels and two-button suits on a shorter man. The general rules of men’s style all point toward that one end, and sometimes we lose sight of that by trying to out peacock each other.

Flattering cuts, simple patterns, the right colors, and activity-appropriate materials may not land you on the front page of the Sartorialist, but they will make it so your boss, your wife, your client, or your date will see you – not just your wardrobe.

PS. Have you gotten your Style Evaluation? It’s a great way to know the strengths and weaknesses of your current wardrobe.

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