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Danger and Play: Part 2

In Part 1 I talked about the sartorial difference between Danger and Play. These are two elements that will contrast in a wardrobe and usually Play will dominate over Danger if you are trying to mix the two. Today I’m going to talk about how both of these elements are used to ideally dress a man… Read more »

Which are You?

While this advice applies to any man, I’m specifically talking to those of you who will be entering a completely new situation this Fall – whether that’s going to college for the first time, starting an internship or new job, or moving to a new high school. As humans we tend to take our time… Read more »

On Bad Guys and Anti-Heroes

I was walking to work the other day and had Mad Men on my mind. It’s a show both my wife and I enjoy and the previous night we had been talking about how, contrary to most people, we actually enjoy it more with Don being happily married and leading the life of a relatively… Read more »

Smirk Like a Man

If people are wondering, “what’s so damn funny?” you’re doing it right.

Criminal Class

These are mug shots from Australia from the 1920’s. Here are the two main things I see. 1. There is no false bravado that exists amongst the criminal class today. These men don’t need to peacock their masculinity, they’re comfortable in it. 2. There is more class amongst this group of criminals than the vast… Read more »