Dressing the (___) Man

Dressing the (Muscular)Man

Contrary to what most guys believe, dressing well is actually harder for muscular men than those with a more average build. While men’s clothing has gotten slimmer to accommodate us skinny guys, those of you with a bit more stature are still forced to choose...

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Dressing the (Larger)Man

Contrary to what you see in men’s magazines and on your girlfriend’s Pinterest page, not all men are either rail thin or built like an Olympic gymnast. Furthermore, while this is the goal for many, there are a lot of men who take pride in their overall...

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Dressing the (Smaller)Man

As important as proportions and fit are for the average man, their value is amplified for a shorter guy. If you’re short, the rest of your proportions are usually a bit smaller as well. This means the already-too-large off-the-rack clothing that drowns most men...

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Dressing the (Older)Man

Some say that style is for the young. My wife and I were out to dinner this week at a chain, sit-down restaurant and I was appalled at how the men over 40 were dressed. Most had potbellies and were walking around in denim cargo shorts, T-shirts that were two sizes too...

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